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What is an Institution of Higher Education (IHE)?

An Institution of Higher Education (IHE) is the technical term for any college or university that provides post-high school education.  IHE’s may be technical colleges, 2 or 4 year colleges, or Universities and may be public or private organizations.  Most people refer to IHEs simply as “college”.  Most students attend an IHE to receive a specialized degree or certificate which often leads to more career choices after high school or some type of specialized employment.  In addition, many people feel “college life” provides students with a great opportunity to develop  independence, networking opportunities, and social opportunities which may also improve a student’s life choices after high school.

More about this Database

This database was created with funds through the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (WDPI) as a project of the WDPI Special Education Team in collaboration with the Wisconsin Community of Practice on Autism Spectrum Disorders (WI COP-ASD). It is web hosted by the Wisconsin Statewide Parent Educator Initiative (WSPEI).  This database compliments a WDPI online module intended to assist students, families, and educators with exploring IHE options for students with autism.  Although the online module and this database were originally created with the unique needs of students with autism in mind, the authors feel the content and resources provided may assist students with any type of disability who is seeking a post-secondary education.
Users are able to search by the name of specific colleges, county, city, type of school, enrollment, and housing on campus.  To help you compare up to 3 IHE’s the database also allows users to see information about different colleges side by side.

How was this Information Collected?

Information was gathered through public documents, and in some cases, based on surveys completed by the college or University disability or accessibility resource center.  This survey was sent to the disability resource center contact for all IHE’s listed in this database asking general questions about campus services for students with disabilities.  The survey can also be accessed through the home page of the database web site, and responses to the survey are in the results section.

Adding or Revising Information for an IHE

For colleges or IHE’s interested in adding or revising information to the survey and database (including adding additional institutions), please submit your IHE information to this web site using the Add an IHE link.  Information submitted in this database will be reviewed each fall.  For questions, contact the WSPEI grant director or grant coordinator (contact information found at